Insurance Corrected

Coverage when you need it. Not when you don’t.

Choose your slice. Answer a few simple questions and get
peace of mind in mere minutes, for mere dollars.

Changing the way you feel about insurance.

Protecting homeshare hosts since yesterday.

Or whichever days you tell us to.

Just like your guests only pay for the days they stay, you only pay for the days you want coverage.

Slice makes you a friendlier, happier driver.

Drive Happy

No matter who you drive for, you may not be as covered as you think. Slice takes care of you when you have passengers and when you don’t.

On again off again. On again off again. We're used to it.
A New Way

Don’t buy the whole pie. Just the Slice you want.

We’re approaching insurance differently, changing the experience altogether.

Slice is a new insurance company designed for you. Instant protection, offered in affordable, bite-size chunks – when you need it. On-demand. No hidden costs. Fast. Affordable. Fair. And made especially for you.

No tricky jargon or fine print.
A Better Way

Are you ready for an honest Slice?

Filing a claim with Slice is refreshingly not a lengthy time and tree killing process. Submit your claim online without phone calls, hold times or paperwork, and in many cases we’ll pay it instantly. Take that to the bank!

Old school values, new school tech. Our unique processes, practices, platform and partnerships are built on integrity, respect and customer empathy, enabling us to eliminate fraud, keep costs low and pay quickly.

"Making insurance cool!" — Said no one ever, until now.