Challenging the Status Quo

Our Pillars and Principles are the driving force behind everything we do at Slice.


We believe in thinking differently.

We’ve created a company that focuses on the customer experience. We do that by providing products that meet the demands on how we all live and work today, through products that are intuitive and user-friendly, and by leveraging data and machine learning. We just happen to provide insurance on-demand.

Our 4 Pillars

Shared beliefs that shape our collective decisions and determine how we operate.

Pillar #1

We Are Visionary

Big picture thinkers with insightful ideas, we aren’t afraid to disrupt, defy, or question assumptions. We know what values and standards are worth keeping, and we use them toward harnessing boundless future opportunities.


We disrupt what has always been, unafraid of change, eager to improve.


We inspire ideas, and a way of experiencing insurance never before possible.


We create with the future in mind, leveraging big data, behavioral science, and new technologies.

Pillar #2

We Are a Community

With our time, our ideas, our ears, our prosperity. We want to give to our clients and customers, to listen and implement, to grow communities, to make insurance easier and more intuitive, and to work with them as partners.


We collaborate for the most prosperous outcomes for all partners.


We are fair-minded, and we want everyone to benefit from opportunity.


We iterate and adapt tirelessly, until we find beautiful solutions.

Pillar #3

We Are Dynamic

We are hard working, tenacious, responsive, attentive, iterative, adaptable, scalable, passionate, heartfelt, and excited to make our mark.


If you can dream it, we can build it.


We are proactive and reactive to the on-demand nature of our ecosystems.


We build in response to and prediction of needs, enabling meaningful, fluid customer relationships.

Pillar #4

We Are Engaging

Lighthearted, with a sunny disposition! We’re excited about what we’ve built and we love sharing it with the world. We want it to be a wonderful experience all the way around for everyone.


Exchanging fresh ideas with partners and implementing them together is our pleasure.


Our tone is light-hearted, helpful, and conversational. We have charisma.


We develop customer experiences that are intuitive, relevant, and simple.

Our 4 Principles

The non-negotiables of our character and values. What we won’t compromise on.

Principle #1

Fearless Innovation

Through new technologies, data, and sciences we’re disrupting the industry by working to make our insurance experiences on the leading edge of what is possible. To carry through with innovation we need to have a level of transparency and stewardship. With innovation, leading change, and disrupting an industry, comes the responsibility and resolve to rethink insurance not just once, but all the time, every day.

Principle #2

Boundless Opportunity

We believe in creating opportunities for all. From large scale insurance carriers and tech companies that cater to ecosystems, to the end customer, we give everyone the opportunity to generate business for themselves in a way that is safe, secure, economical, and relevant to their needs and goals.

Principle #3

Prosperity for All

We want to grow with our partners and our customers. We can be the engine that drives wealth through opportunity. Because we offer relevant insurance solutions that anyone can use to gain peace-of-mind, we instill confidence and motivation for one and all to dream big, and do their thing (whatever that may be) with minimal business or personal risk.

Principle #4

Cultivated Relationships

Collaborative at heart, we welcome different ideas, points of view, theories, methods, and voices. It makes us stronger and smarter. It awakens us to the talent and brilliance around us. It challenges us to consider things we hadn’t thought of. Without our relationships we would not be the company we are. Specifically, our relationship with our partners and customers is what makes Slice sustainable.

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