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We started Slice with our customers in mind, so it’s wonderful to receive these kind words and reviews.

Slice is the answer for maximizing your profit margin and protecting one of your biggest assets.

Suzanne, Montana

As a homeowner who rents out rooms on a homeshare, it is amazing to find a product like Slice to protect your greatest investment, your home! A guest caused damage to one of my electronics. I immediately reached out to Slice and spoke to Seth who quickly settled the matter in an efficient and fair manner.

I highly recommend Slice to homeshare owners for true peace of mind!
Erika. San Diego

It’s easy and quick to turn on and off coverage as needed. The app is very convenient too.

Kim, Virginia

Hear what our customers are saying about us.

“The best thing about Slice to me is, the convenience and the dollars and cents that they charge.”

Al Walker
Denver, Colorado
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“What I like about Slice insurance is that you pay for coverage, just when you are using it. Slice gave me peace-of-mind. It allows me to relax and not worry about anything.”

Danielle Rope
Denver, Colorado
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“One thing we were shocked at was everything they cover! Things like infestation, fire, smoke and loss of income.”

Rob & Amberlee Martin
Denver, Colorado
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It makes me feel secure about my listing / property. It’s much easier to use than getting my homeowners insurance to update my policy.

Will, Colorado

Easy to use.
Great price.
Love the flexibility,

Marybeth, North Carolina

Since it was my very first hosting experience, I decided to give Slice a try. Boy, am I glad I did! These guests were trouble! Slice showed great customer service throughout. And I was able to get reimbursed for most of my damages to repair my home. Thanks Slice!

Lupita, Texas

I am a full time STR host. It has been very difficult to find STR friendly insurance, and I am grateful for Slice. You have found a need and filled it.

Caroline, California

Easy to use and to understand. The price per day is well worth the value and peace of mind it provides.

Tony, Wisconsin

So quick and easy to use! It only takes a minute to request coverage, and for just the dates you need!

Tom, California