Products that flex and protect.

All Slice products are built with the customer experience front and center—while simplifying the process for our client partners too.

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On-demand small business insurance.

Provide right-fit coverage for all types of contractors—all automated. All online.

Next generation mobility insurance.

Nudge and maximize safety with tech-enabled protection calibrated to individual drivers and vehicles.

Other white labeled products, built to protect.


Farmers’ market, tradeshow, or other booth-aficionados.

Property and Liability Coverage for Individuals and SMBs.

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Got a lot of stuff? Rent out your stuff with confidence.

Peer-to-peer product and equipment rental.

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A comprehensive insurance product for tenants (people who rent).

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Gig Worker

From dog walker to bike messenger and everything in between.

Gig liability insurance ideal for independent gig workers.

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For the Event Planner or the happy couple.

Event insurance to cover an event host’s liability in case of an accident.

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Protecting the multiple ways we use our homes.

Homeshare, Short-Term Rental Insurance, Personal Property and more.


Standalone, comprehensive cyber insurance for SMBs.

10+ coverages including loss of income.


Making travel delightful with easy to obtain insurance.

On-demand trip protection.

More to come

Additional products are in the works.

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