Next Generation Mobility Insurance

Nudge safer driving and provide better protection for vehicles and drivers.

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Slice and a global automotive components manufacturer have partnered to provide data-driven benefits and modern insurance solutions for vehicles and drivers.

Rich data providing accurate representations of drivers and the vehicles they operate allow you to reach and connect with them in a way that has not been possible until now.

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In-vehicle Device + Next Generation Mobile AppOffer an end-to-end solution designed to maximize the safety on the road and a positive customer experience.
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Real-time AlertsProvide gentle nudges to drivers when they exhibit unsafe behavior or when environmental factors (like bad weather) pose a risk.
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Driver Education and RewardsProvide drivers with personalized coaching and positive reinforcement, steering them to better decisions on the road.
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Advanced Contextual TelematicsProvide a complete picture of the driver’s risk on the road, allowing for a dynamic insurance offering.

Insurance Redefined by Technology

We tailor customer benefits and product offerings to your needs using our ICS platform. So whether you’re an insurance carrier, an automotive company, a dealership, or another leader in the mobility marketplace, you will benefit from:

Our mobility coverage includes:

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Increased Customer Engagement

Access to Driver Data & Behaviors

Cutting Edge Technology

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Slice has emerged as a leader, not only in digitizing the entire insurance process, but also in using the cutting edge of behavioral science and behavioral economics to change behavior for the good. Slice has the compassion and expertise to improve how humans buy insurance, how they drive, and how they broadly interact in the new economy.

Max H. Bazerman - Straus Professor, Harvard Business School

Max H. Bazerman

Straus Professor, Harvard Business School

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