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Why do I need this?

One of the questions we get asked most frequently by hosts is,
“Doesn’t Airbnb already cover me?”

The simple answer is no.

Airbnb provides its Hosts with two protection programs: The Host Guarantee, which is meant to protect the Host’s property; and the Host Protection Insurance, which is designed to protect the Host’s liability. This sounds great, but there are drawbacks to each of the plans.


Pay for coverage for the time you're renting your home, not a minute or penny more.


Rent Safely

Licensed in 50 states, backed by a major insurance company, and top-rated by A.M. Best, Slice insurance offers comprehensive coverage that keeps you protected when other homeshare policies cannot. Our homeshare policies include $2 million in commercial liability, the full replacement cost of your home and it’s contents, plus an additional 18 coverages specific to homesharing including infestation, liquor liability, vandalism, loss of income, and more. Best of all, get it for as little as $7 a night.

“One thing we were shocked about with Slice was everything they cover.”
-Amberly Martin, Denver, CO

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