Turning Data
Into Action.

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An insight engine powered by behavioural science, AI and a machine learning data engine. Designed for personalisation, experimentation, simulations, predictions, risk modelling, and product recommendations.

Harness Your Data, Deliver The Right Stuff.

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We're combining an understanding of the mind and human behaviour with data so you can create better solutions.

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There's no shortage of insights about your customers, but how you use that data is the key to your success.

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As we build and implement data-driven solutions, a tight feedback loop ensures constant, tuneable learning, customised to you.

“Technology and data without an understanding of the mind will only take us so far. The combination is powerful.

Slice Mind is ready to meet that challenge.”

– Max H. Bazerman, Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and the co-founder and inaugural co-chair of the Behavioural Insights Group at Harvard University

Drive Your Data Further.

The goal is to solve the industry’s toughest and seemingly impossible problems through effective use of data and the new, innovative insight engine from Slice Mind.

With the insight engine:

Predict - forecast specifics for risks, events, customers, products, incidents and apply insights to influence actual results

Simulate - learn with models that reproduce outcomes and drive future change based on historical insights

Experiment - develop a hypothesis, test, observe, measure and drive the right change at the right time

Nudge - encourage and promote actions and behaviours throughout all your customer engagements

With data, the possibilities are endless.

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