A short history. Because, well, we’re only 3.

We created Slice in 2015 based on the belief that customers wanted insurance products designed to fit their specific needs. With the then emerging gig economy we knew the timing was right and the market was ready to accept insurance in a reimagined way and on a much broader scale.

Kids sure grow up fast.

We began with our homeshare product to prove out our technology and quickly grew from there. By 2018 we were ready to launch “insurance corrected” cloud services (ICS). Using the same platform as our initial products, we offered ICS to partners that saw the potential benefits for their business and customers. Today, our technology is available to a wide number of companies that can now create their own customized, on-demand, pay-as-you-go insurance products that incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral science research into a more focused customer experience

We’ve even started some new relationships.

Our ICS customers are large scale insurers that include AXA XL, Legal & General, and The Co-operators, securing the globalization of our on-demand insurance cloud platform.

But we haven’t forgotten where we came from.

Although headquartered in the US, Slice has strong Canadian roots, and a solid UK presence. Starting with a staff of three and growing steadily to over 50 strong, Slice’s ICS global expansion will bring with it continued growth, involvement, and influence throughout the world of insurance.

And we’ll always remember how we got here.

We attribute our success to the passion and dedication of our team; the best, most talented team of Slicers you’ll ever meet bringing their vast experience and business acumen from all facets of insurtech.

Cheat Sheet

If you don’t remember anything else about us, remember this:

  • We offer insurance cloud services that open a whole new world of opportunities for companies to provide on-demand insurance products that customers want.
  • We started in 2015 with insurance products for the gig economy to prove out our platform so we could confidently roll out our ICS platform for other companies to use to their advantage. (Which we did in 2018.)
  • With offices in New York City, Cleveland, Ottawa, and London we’re committed to these communities while at the same time globalizing our technology to benefit others.
  • We have a dedicated team of experienced Slicers who bring together a mind meld of skills and talent. You will love working with us!
  • Give us a call and introduce yourself. We think you’ll love working with us as much as we love working with us.